A pre-race event to allow racers to practice driving around the track to gain familiarity and to hone their skills for the short term.


An extremely common item, this is a disk-shaped item with a hole in the center that is used to help enforce the grip or integrity of a screw or bolts hold. An example would be if you were to put a screw into soft plastic and tighten it down, the head of the screw may "dig" into the plastic, destroying it's integrity. The rigid face of a washer helps to dissipate the linear force of the head to a greater area, therefore, protecting the face of the object being bound.


Defined as volts times amperes. This is the total quantitative measurement for electrical energy.


Wheel Base
The distance between the plane that intersects the radius of the front wheels and that of the rear wheels. A longer wheelbase generally adds cornering stability.






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