Radio Control. Using radio carrier waves, information is transmitted from the handset to the receiver onboard the vehicle and steering and throttle information are decoded and sent to the controlling servos.


Reactive Caster Suspension
A suspension system that decreases the caster angle as the suspension arms are depressed.


A radio receiver that listens for specific frequencies transmitted by the transmitter and decodes the information sent. It then sends signal information to either the servo(s) and/or the ESCs for controlling the vehicle.


Receiver Cover
A soft plastic or rubber, boxed shaped cover that is intended to shroud the receiver and protect it from moisture, dirt and other contaminants.


A battery that is capable of being charged over and over again.


Radio Frequency. Measured as cycles (or waves) per unit time. This is the method by which radio transmissions can be broken up into bands to isolated from other radio transmissions. See crystals.


Rhesus Monkey
1.) Technically, a Macaque, this monkey is found throughout a great variety of habitats, primarily in Asia. 2.) What we all hope NOT to drive like our first time out on the track. :)


To increase the gas to air ratio by increasing the fuel volume. This is usually done by adjusting the needle valves on a carburetor.


Ring Gear
The outer bevel gears that are attached to either axle in a bevel gear differential and run on the spider gears between them.


Remotely Operated Auto Racers. A sanction racing organization that has been operating since 1967 and is globally recognized.







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