Needle Valve
A needle-tipped screw that regulates the amount of fuel that passes is as it is turned in or out.


Nickel Cadmium. Substance used to make rechargeable batteries. Used for everything from radio transmitters, receivers, glow-plug ignitors and to power electric r/c vehicles. Has a tendency to build up "memory" after some time. The memory refers to the characteristic where the batteries tend to recharge only to the charging state of it's previous charge.


Nickel Metal Hydride. A newer solution to Ni-CD, this substance can hold more electrical energy per unit (watts) and isn't subject to the same memory characteristics, therefore determining when to charge isn't as critical as with Ni-CD's.


Refers to the fuel used in gas powered 2-cycle and some 4-cycle R/C scale engines. This is actually a mixture of methanol, nitromethane (CH3NO2) and castor or synthetic oils. Methanol (alcohol) makes up a majority of the fuel, with percentages of nitromethane ranging from anywhere from 10% - 40%, and the lubricating castor or synthetic oils making it last on the list.


National Organization for Racing Radio Control Autos. A large organization for sanctioned racing in North America.

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