A shaft or rod that is fitted with belt pulleys and is intended to transfer power within the vehicle.


Liquid Crystal Display. This is the type of screen used in many radios and sophisticated electronics to display alphanumeric information. Typically grey with black letters/numbers and has no light source of it's own.


To lessen the fuel to air mixture ratio. Usually accomplished by turning the mixture needle valve clockwise.


Light Emitting Diode. Used as indicators for various purposes, from power on indicators to special light visual displays. Extremely solid-state, reliable, and energy efficient.


A clear polycarbonate material used to construct bodies for R/C cars, trucks and buggies. Can be painted from inside, showing through the clear plastic shell but being protected by the shell itself.


Lexan scissors
Also body scissors. Special, curved tip scissors made especially for cutting Lexan(R) bodies.


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Load Up
A term to define a complete buildup of dirt around the wheel's lugs or side surfaces. A problem on wet off-road dirt tracks.


Lock Nut
A threaded nut with a plastic sleeve on one end that is made to grip the screw's threads with enough force as to keep it in place, even under heavy vibrations.


Any material (usually liquid) that reduced friction of moving parts.

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