All the screws, nuts, washers and clips and other minor metal parts used for binding objects together in a kit.


The cap for the top of the engine (encloses the top of the combustion chamber) and the sole method of cooling these nitro R/C engines, this is a highly important part of your engine. The cooling fins and physical makeup (typically aluminum) allow for cooling as the air rushing past it dissipates the heat generated from the engine. The head also serves as the sealed mount for the glow plug.


This is the connecting manifold (essentially the exhaust manifold and header in one piece) between the engine and the muffler or tuned pipe. Comes in a different array of sizes and output directions. Depending on whether you have your engine mounted sideways and which way (side and direction) you want to mount your muffler or pipe and whether you have a pull start mounted, are just some of the considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a header.


Hinge Pin
A metal shaft or rod that is used to act as a hinge between two rotating or hinging parts. Typically will have either a head on one end and/or grooves on the other/either ends for c-clips to snap into.


The term to describe the leader in the beginning of the race. Typically within the first second or two where crucial acceleration and traction are critical for synchronized starts.


Also known as oversteer. This is where the front end has more traction than the rear end and as a result feels sloppy or loose in the rear end. The rear end may even fish-tail in this case.


Hook Up
The term to describe when a vehicle is gripping the track surface well.


This refers to the ability to gain traction on a particular track. Temperature, moisture content, tire rubber softness, tread pattern, track makeup and tire compound affect your "hookup".


An aftermarket part that is designed to exceed the original OEM's specifications, or at least look better.


A foot-pound-second unit of power, equivalent to 550 foot-pounds per second or 745.7 watts. Sometimes used relatively in the R/C industry to describe the overall power characteristics.







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