A disk with teeth that are meant to mesh with counter-gears for transfer and ratio conversion of rotating mechanisms. Also may refer to support tools, equipment and materials for racing.


Gear Box
The transmission case of an R/C car, truck or buggy. Many belt drive systems do not use them.


Gel Cell
Sometimes used for starter boxes as the battery.


Glow Fuel
A fuel and lubricant mixture of methanol (alcohol), nitromethane (CH3NO2) and castor or synthetic lubricants. This liquid serves as both the fuel for the 2-cycle r/c glow-fuel engines and the lubricant for all the moving parts of the engine itself. Referred to as "glow" fuel because of the use of glow plugs to ignite the fuel mixture.


Glow Plug
Provides heat to assist ignition when starting a vehicle. Also works as a reservoir for heat generated from the combustion cycle to keep the ignition cycle going. Electrical current (typically 1.25-1.5 volts) is applied to the glow plug which causes the filament to get red hot.


Glow Plug Ignitor
Usually a hand-held battery powered tool that connects to the end of the glow plug and charges the glow plug filament with the proper voltage (1.2-1.5 volts) to cause it to "glow" for the purpose of starting the engine.


Glow Plug Wrench
A tool for extracting glow-plugs. Has a hexagonal handle on one end and a handle on the other. A must have tool for nitros.


A modern composite material that is extremly stiff and lightweight. Used commonly on better suspension parts and chassis'.


Electrically speaking, this is the negative polarity force of electrical current. Electrons pass from material positively charged to material that is negatively charged, thereby generating electron current.


Ground Clearance
The space between the bottom surface of the vehicle's chassis and the track when the normal weight is distributed on the suspension system (resting on the track surface with the full weight resting on the wheels).


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