Fail Safe
A feature on some advanced radio systems that automatically go to a preset "safe" position when either radio reception is lost or interference is received. An example would be that if radio reception were to be lost, the vehicle's radio receiver would command the throttle servo to go back to idle.


Also Fuel Filter, Air Filter. Any device that filters out contaminates from entering critical machinery. In the case of glow-fuel vehicles, this would keep contaminates out of the engine.


A metal disk thats purpose is sometimes two-fold. First it is intended to smooth out the engine's combustion cycle. It's inertial properties help "push" the engine through it's not productive cycle (compression). It's second purpose is as a surface by which to turn the motor for starting, using a starter box or bump starter.


Frequency Modulation. Radio waves are transmitted and received by modulating the frequency wave length. Considered superior to AM for uses in r/c hobbies.


By far the most common engine type in the world, this application is actually rare in the R/C industry, due to it's lack of power per size of engine, complexity of parts and fuel requirements. This type of engine takes two complete revolutions to complete it's cycle of Intake, Compression, Combustion and Exhaust. The first downstroke "sucks" in the fuel/air mixture, the first upstroke compresses this mixture, the second downstroke (the power stroke, the important one) is caused by the timed detonation, or combustion of this mixture, and finally the second upstroke pushes the burned gases out of the exhaust port. A series of valves in the head control the entrance of the air/gas mixture, the closing for compression cycle and combustion cycle, and finally the opening of for the exhaust cycle. These valves are typically controlled by a cam shaft with concentric lobes that are aligned in such a way as to open and close the valves at the split second they are needed. Because of the requirement of a detonation device such as a spark plug and 2 complete revolutions needed to complete a combustion cycle, this engine offers less torque per displacement size and is often not desirable for already small R/C applications.


Four-wheel Drive
Also, 4WD. A vehicle that's all four wheels are driven by the drive train. Superior traction to 2WD counterparts.


The liquid or solid matter that is ignited or combusted to provide kinetic energy. In the case of R/C's it's either glow fuel or gasoline (rare).


Fuel Filter
Filters the fuel for contaminates before entering the engine's carburetor.


Fuel Tubing
A pliable rubber or silicone hose that transfers fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor and also is used for exhaust gas compression lines to fuel tank (for fuel pressurization). May also be used for other purposes including brake rod stops, electrical line covers, etc.

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