Also C-Clip. An "E" shaped retainer clip often used for hinge pin shafts.


See Combustion Engine.


Engine Mount
Usually aluminum, this part sets the engine off the chassis by a predetermined amount of distance and binds the engine to the vehicle.


End Point Adjustment. aka ATV (Adjustable Travel Volume). This allows you to set the range of travel from each channel, for example, how far left and right you can turn, what your maximum throttle can be limited to, and the maximum brakes. This is typically a radio transmitter feature and is typically programmable.


Any type of resin derived by polymerization from expoxides. Stored in seperate containers; one the base resin and the other the catalyst, when mixed, they cure into an extremely hard glue that can be used for many purposes.


Exhaust Gasket
A rectangular shaped gasket that goes between the header and the engine's exhaust port.


Exhaust Manifold
The housing that connects the exhaust port on an engine to the exhaust pipe or muffler.


Exhaust Pipe
Sometimes a tuned pipe. The enclosure that regulates the proper back-pressure of exhaust gases in the engine in order to provide proper combustion. Typically a cigar shaped with a large opening on one side for input and a small outlet pipelet on the side, near the opposite end as well as an exhaust pressure fitting for fuel system.


See Exponential


Also EXP. Allows you to change the response "curve" of either channel. For instance, you can change the EXP for the steering to be less responsive for the first half of the trigger response and then make up for it in the second half. In other words, you depress the throttle trigger half way, but the throttle range on the vehicle has only responded 25% of it's range. This would create a tame low range and then a wildly aggressive "turbo" mode. Steering can utilize this too to make straight-away responsive very delicate but then have an aggressive turning factor when the transmitter wheel is turned to its limits.






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