The effective resistance to motion. In a suspension system this is the desirable effect of stabilization caused by the dampeners (typically coil-over silicone-fluid shocks).


Direct Current. Electrical current flows in one direction and is clearly identifiable as to its polarity. Batteries produce DC current, exclusively. Most electronic equipment (that runs on batteries) runs on DC current.


A term that is used to describe when something is setup perfectly. A suspension setup or engine tuning are examples of what could be referred to as being "dialed-in".


(Differential) The section of the drivetrain that divides or distributes power to the wheels. The demands on differentials are two fold; 1.) To distribute power to each wheel as equally as mechanically possible, given the design, and 2.) to provide some method of allowing one wheel to turn faster than the other for making turns. For example, when making a left turn, the right wheel (outer), must turn faster than the left wheel (the inner), because it must travel a further distance than it's counterpart. To ignore this universal law of physics would make for (at best) a rough turn not to mention excessive tire wear and axle fatigue.


Diff Balls
Used in a ball differential to act as rollers, effectively spinning opposing plates in counter directions to complete the "differential" action they are intended for.


Diff Gear
The third and final output gear in most off-road vehicle's gearboxes. This gear usually contains several small holes in the side surface that hold the ball bearings and constitutes as the centerpiece of the ball differencial.


Diff Shaft
See Outdrive


Disk Brake
A plastic composite or fiber disk that is surrounded by a caliper that contacts it with varying degrees of pressure as needed and effectively slows or stops a vehicle. Used on most gas-powered r/c vehicles. Team Losi NXT is one noted exception which uses a drum brake.


Did Not Finish. Simply put, you were unable to complete a race for any number of reasons.


Did Not Start. Simply put, you never even got started with the race.







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