The lower suspension arm in the suspension system. Named for it's resemblance to the letter A.


Anti-Lock Brake System. Just like the full-size vehicles, some higher end radios have this feature. By pulsing the brakes, a more effective stopping power can be achieved instead of a lock-up that normally occurs when brakes are "slammed".


Alternating Current. Electrical current alternates directions at intervals measured by Hertz. This is a direct product of the mechanical nature of the generators that produce the energy in the first place. Alternating current has the unique ability to induce like, AC current in what is known as a transformer. This allows voltages to be changed for a variety of uses. Most household current is somewhere around 110-125VAC. AC must be rectified in order to be used in DC applications.


The rate at which a vehicle's speed increases over any portion of time.


When the vehicles steers right or left, the inner wheel steers at a greater angle than the outer wheel to compensate for arc each respective wheel must travel in order for the vehicle to make a clean turn. In other words, the inner wheels tracks in a tighter circle than the outer ones, the Ackerman setup allows this to be accomplished.


Air Filter
Device that filters the air before it enters the carburetor. Dust and contaminates would otherwise wear the engine out, quickly.


The main ingredient in glow-fuel. Colorless, it's flame is nearly invisible to the naked eye.


(variations; allen screw, head, driver): Named for it's inventor. A hexagonal (six-sided) female head. Considered superior to Philips heads as far more torque can be applied per square inch and doesn't require linear force to maintain grip.


Allen Wrench
A six sided shaft tool that is accepted by an Allen head that are typically found on the end of screws. See Allen.


Amplitude Modulation. A radio wave that is transmitted and decoded by it's wave amplitude (quantitative measurement). Considered less accurate than FM and far more vulnerable to interference.







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